Hopelessly Shattered by Bink Cummings



Hopelessly Shattered  by Bink Cummings

5 stars


Bink Cummings. If there is a writer that I would use the word “fangirling”, she is the one I would use it for. I wait for her books to be released with bated breath. You know it is going to be good. You know it is going to tug at your heartstrings and you know you will never be able to put it down.

Hopelessly Shattered is book 1 in a duo. I am at a loss on how to describe how good this book is without giving out too much of the plot. I can tell you that the first chapter punches you right in the face with a shocker. You have no idea where it came from and you have no idea where it will take you. Everything that Kat knew as the truth is a lie and it all begins to unravel as soon as steps into the Sacred Sinners MC Texas Chapter clubhouse to meet Bear – a mysterious guy she met online.

If you are finicky about cheating or if it is a trigger for you, you might want to skip this book. It would be your loss, but if you are not brave enough then I suggest you don’t try it. This book is not for the weak or close minded. Bink Cummings is an amazing writer. Amazing! Amazeballs! Awesome! I would say most, if not all, of her books have some sort of cheating in them as well as some homosexuality. It may be the main characters. It may be not.

So overall, if you can find some cajones, pick up this book and let Bink take you for a ride. You would not be disappointed. I cannot wait for the sequel to Hopelessly Shattered – Hopeful Whispers.

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