Rough and Rich by Hayley Faiman



Rough and Rich by Hayley Faiman

4 stars


“We were both so young.” If you have read the previous Notorious Devils books by Hayley Faiman, you would have been introduced to Soar and Genny. Book 5, Rough and Ready, ended with Soar going to prison and Genny going back to her rich family.

This book opens three years after book 5. Sloane “Soar” McKinley Huntington III just got out of prison, finishing a 3 year sentence for drug possession. Imogen “Genny” Caroline Stewart-Huntington moved back to the San Francisco elite society where her family reigns. Soar and Genny has been separated and had no contact for the last 3 years.

There are so many good elements in this book. I am a sucker for a rekindled love stories. I am a realist and a pessimist in my personal life, but still cannot help fall for the idea that some people are meant to be. Rekindled love, I think, is a more realistic type of romance. The characters have tried to be together before and has failed. They are not strangers. They know the best and worst traits of the other person. This is the type of love we see everyday.

Imogen and Sloan met each other when Imogen is still in high school at a tender age of 15. Sloan is the only man that Imogen has been with. After two decades of heartache and betrayal, the question is does she still give Sloan another chance and risk missing out of her dream of a family. Or does she take the safe route and be with a man she does not love but is promising her kids and family.

Some of the other elements of the book prevent me from giving this a full five star. The villains in this story are too one-dimensional to be believable. Their motivations and actions so far out of the realm of reality that it took me out of the book.

Hayley Faiman has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I love her Notorious Devils series and cannot wait for the next installment.

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