Corrupt by Penelope Douglas



Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

3.5 stars


Before I start, I just want to put it out there that I love Penelope Douglas. I really, really wish I could give Corrupt a higher rating.

Having said that, I read Corrupt because I am really interested in reading Hideaway which was release a little over a week ago. This book had a lot of promise – ex-boyfriend’s brother, unsuspecting female and revenge. A lot of promise.

The first half of the book seemed like it was going to deliver, then the second half happened. There are a lot of holes in the plot. The main characters are young, rich and powerful, but not rich or powerful enough to escape a stint in prison. They were incriminated because of some videos from one lost phone. You would think that if these characters come from rich and powerful families then they would have afforded a team of lawyers to get them out of these allegations. Also, the whole revenge plot was weak. The guys (Michael, Kai, Damon and Will) planned this whole elaborate setup to get revenge on Rika and nobody did their due diligence on verifying facts on what really happened on Devil’s night.

Another sticking point is Rika. Just to clarify, I like Rika. I like that she is the good daughter who is trying to find her identity apart from her family. I like that she is scarred and somewhat insecure. It makes her believable. My problem with her character is that she had no plan against the men other than to say “What do you want from me?”, “Don’t do this.” or “Let me go.”. Overall, she would have been more badass if she fought back more effectively.

Overall, I liked Corrupt. I am looking forward to reading Hideaway, but what I am really excited to see is Damon’s story. That guy… no words. I wish Corrupt could have been better but it is still an enjoyable read.


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