Surviving Mateo by Sam Mariano



Surviving Mateo by Sam Mariano

4 stars


When I accidentally found Sam Mariano, I have to admit that I marathon read her Morelli series and Irreparable series books. I survived through those days with coffee on my veins because, hey, Starbucks must be here for a reason. This particular book is the most difficult one for me to review. Let me just say that once you get to book 6, it would all make sense.

Meg is one of those characters that some women just gravitate towards. She’s funny, unfiltered, smart and has a cunning ability for survival. Mateo is… Mateo. You have to read the books to understand.

He is hot.

He is addicting.

He is ruthless.

And he is smart.

He is Mateo.

Meg and Mateo are the most polarizing characters in the Morelli series. It is either you love them or you hate them. Sometimes both. In what order though, you never know.

Mateo was introduced in the first book, Accidental Witness. He is the head of the Morelli family and he is a paranoid bastard. He tormented both Vince and Mia and wrecked havoc on their lives. This book will show you a somewhat softer side to Mateo.

In comes Meg. Her late husband owed the Antonio Castellanos, the head of the rival family, a lot of money and Meg was blackmailed into trying to seduce and kill Mateo. In a struggle between a rock and a hard place, Meg becomes entangled with the Morellis. Will she survive Mateo?

One thing to note about this series is that every book is told from a different character’s POV. The events as they are told in each book is colored by each character’s perception. Once you get to book 4, the reader will realize that the events from the first few books might not be what they seemed to be. It’s almost a story of he said, she said and what really happened.

Overall, this series is one of the most re-readable books ever. You can go back and find clues that you missed about what would happen in the succeeding books. Pick up your copy because this author is phenomenal.

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