Out of Ashes by Anne Malcolm



Out of Ashes by Anne Malcom

4.5 Stars


I found Anne Malcom because a friend recommended her books. I have a confession to make… I skipped the first two books of The Sons of Templar series and went straight to Out of Ashes.

<ducks and peeks out to check if the coast is clear>

Before you guys come out with your pitchforks, this is my friend’s favorite book and I do plan to go back and read the first two books. This book did not disappoint!

There are a few things that define a biker romance book – hot bikers, impressive bikes, and scantily clad women hanging around the clubhouse. Almost every biker romance book that I have read has a tinge of cheating and the club whores try to compete with the heroine for the hero’s affections. What separates Out of Ashes from the pack is that there is no competition. Zane met Mia and that’s it. Sparks fly. They fall in love and there’s nobody else for both of them. Any mention of club whores has been minimized to maybe a couple of sentences.

The struggles (because there no plot and this is not a book if there is no struggle) that both the characters face are from their past. After an incredible loss whereas less strong-willed people would have given up, how do one find hope for love and a beautiful life? Overall, this is a much deeper biker romance that delves into issues that people who experienced devastation can only understand. I am glad I found Anne Malcom and I promise to read the other books.

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