Once Burned by Sam Mariano



Once Burned by Sam Mariano

4 stars


Adrian Palmetto.




I heart Adrian.

Now that I got that out of my system, let me tell you of the ways that Adrian is the true gem of this story. He is so awesome that he eclipsed Elise. I don’t even know why he wants her.

Adrian is everything that I could want in a book boyfriend.

He’s hot.

He’s badass.

He gave a grand gesture that makes you swoon and scratch the eyes of any girl who thinks she can take your book boyfriend away from you.

If you have read Sam’s first two books in the series, Accidental Witness and Surviving Mateo, you would know how much Adrian is into Elise. He was working for free for Mateo for five years just so he can have her. Ask any guy if they are willing to do that for you. Anybody? No? Just as I thought. Everything in this book explains why Elise would be into Adrian. What I don’t understand is why Adrian is into Elise. Sure she is beautiful. But it has to be more than that. This is why this book is 4 stars to me. Elise.

If you read the Amazon reviews for Once Burned, you would be surprised to find that almost all of them are about Mateo… and he only showed up like twice in this book. That man overpowers every male in the series. Poor Adrian. I think his only flaw is that he is not Mateo.

This book gives a different view of the characters from Accidental Witness and Surviving Mateo. It gives us clues that things might not be what they seem and other things are brewing. Sam’s books, I think, is more than a romance. Sometimes, it’s like a suspense book. Clues are all over the place. It really works for readers who like delving more into the books and looking beneath the surface. Also, if you have not read Sam’s Irreparable Series, you might want to read that too before diving into this book.

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