Crime Lord’s Captive by Mia Knight


Crime Lord’s Captive by Mia Knight

4 stars


Like the other books I have reviewed, I recently discovered Mia Knight. I must say this is quite the introduction. This book hooks you right from the beginning. Like whoa! WTF is happening?!

I really struggle on doing a review with this book because I don’t know what to say without giving away the entire plot. I can say one thing though.

Gavin is psycho.

Card carrying…

Got the tshirt…


And I love him!!!

I love him more than I like Lyla. There were times that I want to smack Lyla to be honest. She is a little judgmental which did not sit well with me. Her actions just ticked me off.

What I can say about Mia Knight is that she is a fearless writer. Her characters are unapologetically nuts. They both go through horrendous things and that made them stronger. In a world full of puritanical readers who would not read a book full of triggers (I mean that makes for a bland book), it takes a fearless writer to just go with their gut and write their story. Who cares about stupid triggers? People will either love you or hate you but your truth will be out there in the pages of your book.

I really like this series and am grateful to have found this author. I wish she had more books published but I think it’s neat to have discovered her at the (not quite) start of her career. The only reason why I didn’t give it a full five stars is that I hate the name Crime Lord. Sorry. Just wished it’s called something else.

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