Family Ties by Sam Mariano



Family Ties by Sam Mariano

4.5 stars


I heart Francesca and Salvatore. I love love love them. I know I posted two Sam Mariano book reviews in a row. But how could I not?! In Once Burned, Adrian eclipsed Elise. In Family Ties, Francesca and Salvatore are both strong characters that match each other.

Francesca is my type of heroine. She’s strong. She’s smart. She also has a streak of vulnerability that gives her depth. She has been hurt before and she has a crappy childhood. It explains why she does not have a string of hearts and relationships left behind when she is gorgeous and witty.

Salvatore is the perfect foil to Francesca. She needs somebody who is strong, smart and with big cajones to stand up to her brother and back it up. To find somebody who will be willing to come head to head against Mateo for a chance with Francesca is not easy. Mateo is well… Mateo.

But Francesca and Salvatore found a way… and still be in Mateo’s good graces. Yippee! Hooray! Confetti all around.  I must admit that this book has a tinge of Romeo and Juliet to it… without the stupid dying in the end! Rival families. Secret affair. Starcrossed lovers.

Salvatore’s wit and sarcasm just does it for me.

“Do they just grind up crazy pills and put then directly in the water supply at your house? Maybe that’s why Mateo enforces Sunday night dinners. Maybe he doses everyone with the wine.”

Salvatore, like Adrian, has the one thing going against him. He is not Mateo. I swear, that guy just overpowers everything. Like Once Burned, the Amazon and Goodreads reviews are full of Mateo and none of Salvatore and Francesca!

I mentioned it before in the other reviews of the series that Sam’s books are in different POVs. This book shows a different view of the events from Accidental Witness onwards. Things are not what they seem. Please read this book and this series. IN ORDER. Resisting Mateo which is the next book will blow your mind. Boom!

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