Inevitable: Carter Kids #5 by Chloe Walsh



Inevitable (Carter Kids #5) by Chloe Walsh


5 Stars


“Eek!!! Ahh!!!” <screaming like a banshee and jumped up and down like a lunatic>

That’s my reaction when I this book was released. I mean forgive me for the crazy reaction but I have only been waiting for this for almost a year. Yeah. Almost a year. Let that sink in.

This book continues where book 4 left off where Hope hops into the back of Jordan’s bike and rides off into the sunset and me screaming on the top of my lungs “NO!!!!”. Dramatic much, yes. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am Team Hunter. Hashtag that. I hate Jordan. Hate him. Two passages in the book resonated with me.

One is from Hunter…

“Life isn’t easy for any of us. Shit happens all the time. Bad shit. Shit that makes a person want to die. Makes a person want to run.” Exhaling heavily, I lowered my face to hers, making sure she saw me, right into me. “What defines us is our reactions.” My heart is racing as I spoke. “What makes us who we are is how we react when shit hits the fan.”

And one is from Kyle Carter…

“Difference is, I broke my goddamn back to make it right. I stayed, Lee, and I fought for you. I fucking tried. I didn’t run. I didn’t leave you when shit got tough. I stayed because you were worth it. Because I love you and you don’t walk away from the person you love. You can’t! Because when it’s real? When it’s honest to god, slit your wrists if you can’t be with that person, true love, it’s physically impossible to walk away.” 

These two passages perfectly explains why I hate Jordan. He walked away. I couldn’t accept it. I was actually dreading reading this book because if Hope turns doormat for Jordan, I might seriously reach into my tablet and strangle her. But Chloe Walsh surprised me. Should have known! <headsmack> I really should have know she would not disappoint. This book is told from three different POV’s – Hope, Jordan and Hunter’s. I am so relieved that Hunter is still in the running. I thought for sure Jordan had it in the bag. Not!

What you can expect from this book is what you can always expect from any Chloe Walsh’s books. You are going to laugh. You are going to cry. You are not going to be able to put this book down. One thing that always amazes me about Chloe’s writing is the dynamics between the characters. You can feel the friendship between Hope and Teagan and between Hunter and Noah. You can feel the bond that Hope has with her family. You can feel the love and complex feelings that comes with dealing with friends and family. I am so happy with this book. I can’t wait for book 6 and I hope I don’t have to wait for a year to get it.

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