Flow by Kennedy Ryan


Flow by Kennedy Ryan

5 stars


This book has been a recommendation from a friend. Oh. My. God. I am hooked. IT IS SO GOOD. I can’t even begin to express how hooked I am. I love Bristol and Grip. Their connection is so undeniable that you do not have a choice but to love them. And Grip!!! I dig his smart ass. You will probably see it over and over in this blog, but smart guys just does it for me. Grip is smart and more.

Less talented authors have a difficulty in portraying smart characters. But not Miz Ryan. She doesn’t have to say Grip is smart. She shows it in his every thought, every conversation and every decision that he makes.

This book is free on Amazon and I frankly have no idea why. No idea at all. It is so good that people SHOULD pay for it. If you love well written books, please pick this one. If you love, well developed characters, please pick this one. If you love good romance books, please pick up this book.

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