Grip by Kennedy Ryan


Grip by Kennedy Ryan

5 stars


I love this book. I have to say that I gravitate towards authors that are fearless. For an author, putting your work out there to be judged by readers of different backgrounds and values is already a huge act of bravery. Some are so fearful of limiting readership that they stay away from anything that could be construed as controversial. Kennedy Ryan does not have that problem. She is fearless. I am in awe.

I highlighted so many parts that I might as well highlighted the entire book. Kennedy Ryan has a way with words that tug at your heart. This book is so well written that I am at a loss on how to describe how awesome it is.

I must confess that I do not read a lot of interracial romances. Other authors make one race less than the other. No author can get it right. Except for Kennedy Ryan. She got it so right she made me a fan for life.

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