Still by Kennedy Ryan


Still by Kennedy Ryan

5 stars


I heart Kennedy Ryan. I marathon read this series because I was so hooked on it. This book shows us the different trials a couple faces during the course of a relationship. The story does not end at I love you. This book embodies the words “Love is only as strong as what it can withstand.” Bristol and Grip’s love is strong.

This book has pulled some strong emotions from me. I did not know I have those feelings in me. Gah! I was ugly crying at 3AM. My husband was looking at me like I am a weirdo the next day. I did not know I can feel this deeply about two characters. Bristol and Grip are so multidimensional. Their strengths, weaknesses, joys, fears, devastation and heartaches make them almost tangible.

This book is also so well researched. I almost think that Kennedy Ryan is a music producer in a previous life. And the poems… I love, love, love them. I cannot help but be in awe of Miz Ryan’s talent.




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