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I haven’t posted in a while. Holidays happened and I dropped off the radar. I cannot believe we are already in February! Where did January go?

Since we now in February which I consider the month of romance and Valentine’s Day is a couple short weeks away, I want to feature some romance authors. I wanted to do kind of a double feature. I wanted to interview and show case new authors and some more established authors.

I love, love, love new authors. It’s so exciting to discover good ones and know that you have been there at the beginning of their career. There are no reviews or preconceived notions when diving into their first published books. I understand the hesitancy of some readers about trying new authors. They might suck after all. Lately though, I find that I am sometimes influenced by other factors when selecting a book to read. It is stuff like reviews by some disgruntled readers with a grudge, some petty readers on the author’s Facebook group, or Amazon banning the book from their website. All of these play a factor into my book selection when it probably shouldn’t. These aspects are not present with brand new authors. Also, I am a staunch believer of rooting for the underdog.

I want to try this regularly moving forward. I am calling this “Feels Like The First Time”. For this month, I have the following newbie writers/books:

  1. Buried by Marie J
  2. Catching London by MV Ellis
  3. Breaking Point by J.B. Baker

Because I can’t shut up and I don’t want to forget my fave authors, I am also doing interview with my favorite authors. The genres will be varied since I have eclectic tastes and it all depends on the willingness of the authors.

Stay tuned!

Note: If you are an author and want to be featured, you can contact me at



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