Hayley Faiman

Our first interview is with the lovely Hayley Faiman. I have been a fan of hers ever since I picked up the first book of her Notorious Devils series, Rough and Rowdy. I reached out to her because she has always been sweet and nice to her readers.

Me: <waving like a lunatic> Hayley! Hayley! Hayley! I am such a fan of your Notorious Devils series and I am wondering if I can ask you a few questions.

Hayley: Oh yes! How can I help you?

Me: <gushing. she’s so sweet!> So I want to do a Q&A with you to ask you about your work. How long have you been writing?

Hayley: I have technically been writing since I was 5. I wrote a play about a king who everything he touched turned to chocolate, or at least that’s the way my mom tells it. I always had a diary or a journal, but never actually wrote down my thoughts. Instead, I wrote stories. Romance stories, naturally!


Me: <super impressed> Do you write full time or part time?

Hayley: I wrote full time while my boys are at school. My husband and I moved to Texas about 4 years ago and he encouraged me to jump in with both feet and fulfill my dream!

Me: <Texas? Missed my chance to stalk her!> What was the first book that you released and how did you feel when you published it? Excited? Scared?

Hayley: The first book I published was Pitching for Amalie in 2015. I was so nervous. I didn’t know what I was doing and I was afraid everybody would hate it. Haha. The process got easier with each book though. I still get very nervous, and I still worry if everybody will hate it. It’s just the rest of the process is like a fine tuned machine now, or as well as it can be. Something always happens to throw a wrench in it somewhere.

hayley1Me: <amazed> What is your biggest advice to newbie authors?

Hayley: My biggest advice when people ask me about publishing… it’s write, write, write and publish, publish, publish. Don’t stop – whatever you do. Just keep going. Continue to challenge yourself. Always strive to do better, to be a better writer, to expand!

Me: Wow! Thank you! Stalk you later! <searching for flights to Texas>


Please check out Hayley’s new book, Rough and Real. Now available at Amazon.

You can also find out more about Hayley at hayleyfaiman.com.

Stay tuned for more author interviews!


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