Emma York

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Author Stalker! I try to interview some of my fave authors and get to know them a little better. Today, we have Emma York!

Me: <creeping in> Hi, Emma!

Emma: Oh, a reader! I love readers.

Me: <confused> um, you love stalkers… i mean, readers?

Emma: Yes, I do! You are a reader right? And not a stalker? I heard of reports of those lately.

Me: What? Me? A stalker? Noooo…. so, I wanted to ask you some questions. Mind if I do?

Emma: Ask away!

Me: First, how long have you been a writer? Are you full time or part time?

Emma: I’ve been writing on KDP since 2012 and went full time a year later. I started out with erotic shorts under a few now dead author names, before moving into erotic romance under the Lucy Wild author name, and then making a fresh start in 2018 under this author name. I have been writing since I was a child, gradually moving into romance as a teenager. I didn’t feel confident enough to release romance novels right away when I discovered KDP which is why is why I started with shorts to get a hang of publishing first

Me: So, what IS your real name?

Emma: <giving me the side eye> Are you sure you are not a stalker?

Me: Ahem… Moving on. What is your first published book? How did you feel when you published it? Excited? Scared?

emma1Emma: The Bid is the first book I published under the Emma York name, first in the Billionaire’s Club series. It was a scary thing as it was the first book under this name without bringing my existing fan base with me. It was broken into two part of 25,000 words each to allow me to test reader reaction. As that was better than I expected, I moved to 50,000 words for book 3 in the series. I was so happy that readers liked it when the reviews started coming in. It gave me the motivation to get going with the next in the series.

Me: Fascinating. What is your advice to newbie writers?

Emma: There is great advice on the erotica forum on Reddit where romance writers and erotica writers share ideas and coach new writers. Join it, read the posts, start small and get bigger. If you’re scared of publishing, just do it. You won’t regret it. Try to write a set amount of words per day. I started doing 200 words per day and now do 2,500-5,000, gradually increasing over time. Read Save the Cat, On Writing and The Hero’s Journey. Jami Gold’s Romance beatsheets on her website are fab. Get Scrivener. It’s perfect for writers to use. Watch romance films. Read romance books, good and bad. Learn from them all. Get in touch with me and I’ll happily go into more detail on any of this. emmayorkauthor@gmail.com.

Me: Oh, wow! You really are stalker friendly! Reading Firm now. Stalk you later?

Emma: Fab! Looking forward to it. x


Please check out Emma’s new book, Firm, at Amazon. You can also find Emma on Instagram – www.instagram.com/emmayorkauthor.

Stay tuned for more author interviews!

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