Liz Meldon

Today at Author Stalker, we have the talented Liz Meldon. She is one of the most versatile writers I know. She does both paranormal and contemporary romance. I love her work so much.

Me: Hi, Liz! Awesome photos on your Instagram!

Liz: Thank you. Wanna be part of my VIP team?

Me: A stalking invitation? Awesome! Wait! VIP does not stand for “Very Intrusive Person”, does it?

Liz: Um… no… maybe. Let’s talk about something else. How can I help you?

Me: Can I ask you a few questions about you and your books?

Liz: I would love to!

Me: Awesome! How long have you been a writer?

Liz: I’ve been writing in one form or another since I was twelve. I got my start writing Van Helsing fanfiction on an old website called Quizilla (which I think is dead and buried at this point). I moved through different fandoms throughout my teen years, and then decided to start publishing original work in 2014.

Me: Are you full time or part time?

Liz: I’ve been a part-time author, part-time ghostwriter since 2016, and I write romance for both.

Me: What influenced you to be a writer?

Liz: I started writing way back when because my family and I had just moved overseas, and I was looking for ways to connect with people online. I’d always enjoyed creative writing, and I really wanted to write for someone, so the online stories sort of just fell into my lap. My current health situation almost forced my hand to take writing full-time, but it’s my dream job and I love it.

Me: What was your first book published? How did you feel when you published your first book? Excited? Scared?

Liz: My first book was a novella now titled Manhattan, and it was the first book in my paranormal romance serial Lovers and Liars. I wasn’t all that nervous, but I think that’s because I had no clue what I was in for with self-publishing. Back then, I’d thought all my fanfiction experience would carry me, but self-publishing work people need to pay for is another beast entirely. Nowadays, I’m always nervous when I publish something new. The fear is good. It keeps you on your toes.

Me: What can you tell us about your new book that is coming out soon?

Liz: I have a new book coming out this month! It’s a paranormal romance: Predator (The Hunt, #1). It features an incubus escort and a woman who isn’t as human as she appears. The two collide by chance, and their lives become intertwined from there, with danger lurking behind every corner. The first book in the series is a novella, but there are three follow-up novels I’ll be publishing between March and June of 2018. The Hunt series as a whole has one of my favourite romance tropes: two lonely souls finding each other, comforting each other, and protecting each other. And, of course, eventually falling for each other. It wouldn’t a romance if they didn’t! I’m incredibly excited for the series to start. It’s one of my favourite works that I’ve written, and I hope readers love it as much as I do.

Me: What is your advice to new writers?

Liz: My advice to new writers is to read a lot and write a lot. I know it seems very obvious, but there are many writers out there thinking, “I don’t have time to read… I need to be WRITING.” Honestly, reading is the best way to broaden your horizons as far as style, tone, and diction go. Read highly rated books. Read poorly rated books. Learn from other authors. Read widely within your genre—how else will you know what your target audience wants to read?—but also read outside of it too, when you can, just to keep things interesting. And write a lot. Writing, in my opinion, is a muscle. You need to train it, develop it, and work it in order to get the best results. Practice makes perfect in all things, and writing is no different.

Me: You are so awesome! Thank you for answering all my questions. I am putting you on my stalking list.

Liz: Of course, you are one of my VIPs.


Please check Liz Meldon out at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or at her website (

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