Today at Author Stalker, we have the amazing Bethany-Kris. Her mafia books reminds me of the Godfather or Sopranos. They just scream mafia. I love it!!!

Me: Hi, Bethany!

Bethany: Hi, Hon!

Me: Um, why are we at a church?

Bethany: I have heard that there are stalkers lurking around and felt that this would be the safest place to meet. The Marcellos would approve.

Me: <laughs nervously> Stalkers you say? I am sure there are some friendly stalkers out there… but let’s not talk about that.  Let’s get on with the interview, shall we? How long have you been writing? Are you writing full time or part time?

Bethany: So many authors say they have been writing their entire lives, but that’s just not the case with me. I have been reading for my entire life — a form of escape, you could say. I have been writing online since 2007, but professionally since 2013-ish. That’s around the time when my first book was picked up by Evernight Publishing. I have been writing full-time since 2015, so three years. I quit my job to work full-time once I knew I was making a living doing it, and I was not risking my children’s financial stability. Before that, I worked 11 at night until 7 in the morning, and wrote whenever I have five free minutes.

Me: What influenced you to write?

Bethany: I can’t say someone particular influenced me to write — my hubby was supportive in me writing full-time, as far as that went. I started writing to combat postpartum depression, and it just continued from there.

Me: What is your first book released and how did you feel when you published it? Excited? Scared?

Bethany: My first book to be published was A Mile High. It’s a short (like 16k short) erotic romance, if you can even call it that. It’s more like erotica. People meet on a place randomly, hook up, and run into each other later by happenstance, enter the HEA. I was probably excited to get it published, I really can’t remember. The whole process was new, and I had big hopes for something that I had no idea about, to be honest. Call me a cynic, but hopes and dreams are smashed in the land of publishing, really. I think all in all, that particular book has sold less than 30 copies. It wasn’t until a few books later when I went out on my on to become an Indie author that I finally started to get excited about this thing called publishing

Me: What can you tell us about your new book, Loyalty?

Bethany: Loyalty is part one of a Duet. The John + Siena duet. Part two is Disgrace. It’s about a mafia prince and a mafia princess from rival families who stumble upon each other, and embark on a journey together, in many ways. Add in drama from underhanded dealings, people plotting against people, and John being bipolar (yes, I like to bring real life hard topics into my writing) and it all swirls together to get the reader read for part two … the mafia war.
Me: What is your advice to new authors?

IMG_7769Bethany: God, I am such a cynic because a lot of my advice is … you know, harsh or not softened. I guess, don’t take shit personally. Publishing is hard. Being an author is hard. Not everyone is going to like you, or your words. Only a select few authors are lucky enough to be the one who hits the big time with their first, second, or even third book. This takes work. And you can’t stop working. You have to write, constantly write. Keep putting books out. Be present.
Love your readers. Make connections with them — the READERS, and be grateful you have even one or two — and worry less about kissing the ass of author so and so because you used to read them and pimp before you became an author, and now you think they owe you for it. You will find out very fast in this business that nobody thinks they owe you anything. Truth is, they don’t. Everybody here has worked to get where they are. Everybody likes to say this business isn’t a competition, but fact is, it kind of is. If your book comes out when five other books come out, and a reader can only afford to buy one of those six books, you have to admit you’re going to be hoping your book is the book they choose. So I am over hearing people say this business isn’t a competition.
The thing is … you don’t have to tear someone else down to win, but you have to focus on being your best self — putting forth your best writing and stories. Become the author who gives the readers a reason they continue to come back to you. And you know, stay away from drama, keep your circle small, and just be a decent human being. Trust me, they can tell when you’re not.
Me: Wow! That is some awesome advice. I hope you come back when Loyalty and Disgrace comes out. Um, permission to stalk you later?
Bethany: Of course, hon. You can find me at the Bella Dushkas Facebook Group.
Please check Bethany-Kris out at the following:
Her website:

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