The Problem with Forever by Jennifer Armentrout

The Problem with Forever

by Jennifer Armentrout


“Forever was something we all took for granted, but the problem with forever was that it didn’t really exist.”



This book is an example of YA (young adult) fiction at its finest. It’s a slow burn romance and it is so good. I have always been attracted to unconventional characters and authors who dared to write something different. I believe Jennifer Armentrout achieved both in this book.

I always believed that strong characters are not always the feistiest or <gasp> the rudest. I believe strong means resilient. Mallory, the main female character, is my definition of strong. Years later, she is still recovering from the abuse of her childhood. Rider is the one bright spot in her past.

I really love this book. When you first read it, you think Mallory with her speech impediment is the vulnerable one… the weakest. This book will show you that is not the case and the people who seem to be the strongest are the ones who hide the greatest pain. The character development is just fantastic.

If you have not already read this book, please pick up a copy.




PS: I am still playing catch up so you might see multiple posts on some days…

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