Commander In Briefs by Kristy Marie

by Kristy Marie
I loved the way this book opened. It’s starts on a funny note about 2 best friends, Theo and Anniston who have been attached at the hip since middle school.  Theo is going away the next morning to start his professional baseball career and Anniston is going back to her hometown to study medicine.  Anniston propositions him to take her virginity and he’s extremely skeptical.  Though the scene has a good comic timing,there is underlying angst there.  Anniston wants to hold onto something and she feels this is the only way she can have a part of him. Of course ,Theo messes up as soon as they do the deed and boy!! does he pay for that!
This story takes on the journey of friendship and unconditional love.  Fast forward seven years later and Theo is the star pitcher for his team and Anniston is a sports doctor.  She accidentally stumbles upon a homeless and near to death man.  Being the bleeding heart that she is, she takes him in and nurses him back to health.  I loved the relationships between Anniston and Cade,  he is a Veteran who has a dark past,  Anniston takes complete control of him to bring him back to life.  There are some extremely touching and funny scenes between Theo,  Anniston and Cade.  It was so much fun to see how Anniston bosses over them.  She ends up helping another 5 Veterans and they become a family who would do anything for each other.  The story was well written,  it had great comedy,  romance and some of the hottest scenes.
This story also shows us how retired soldiers are sometimes treated,  these are the same people who have pledged their lives for their country.  It’s sad that sometimes,  their contribution is not valued. I’m glad that this author touched upon this subject, these people deserve the respect for what they have done.
Overall,  I enjoyed this book and I’m so looking forward to Major Cade’s book.  He came a long way.  I loved Theo and his dedication towards Anniston,  he was the funniest of all the characters!

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