Mia Knight

Today at Author Stalker, we have the lovely Mia Knight. She is the queen of possessive crime lords.

Me: Hi, Mia!

Mia: I recognize you. Were you stalking me?

Me: <with my best innocent face impression> Where would you get an idea like that? I am totally harmless. Can I ask you a few questions?

Mia: I don’t mind answering questions at all.4

Me: Great. The first question is how long have you been a writer? Full time or part time?

Mia: I started writing when I was maybe around 8 or 10 years old. I’ve been self-publishing for about 5 years now and have been full-time for a year.

Me: What influenced you to be a writer?

Mia: I’ve always been a bookworm so being a writer has always been my dream. I started re-writing the endings of books when I was a kid and then added embellishments to my favorite stories before I eventually came up with my own plots.

Me: How did you feel when you published your first book? Excited? Scared?

Mia: The feelings you have when you publish your first book are the same when you publish your 10th or 20th. You’re proud, terrified, and elated. That never changes.

Me: What can you tell us about your new book, Awakened by Sin?

Mia: Awakened by Sin… I can say that this book is very different from the first 3 in the series in tone, structure, and pacing. I thought that Carmen and I were opposites before I started this book and now I can say we have more in common that I imagined. I have never cried so much while writing a book. This story is more emotionally complex than anything I’ve ever written and because of that, I’m very proud of it. I’ve never delved this deep into a series before so adding layers to all the secondary characters is exciting for me since I have an idea of each person’s story. I hope everyone enjoys this book!

Me: Well, I am excited for Carmen’s book and cannot wait to read it. Where do you get your inspiration?

Mia: Inspiration comes from everywhere. It can come from music, seeing something on the news, people watching, reading, traveling… The more you see and know, the more colors you can use to paint your story. Any experience helps and gives the story more depth.

As for the Crime Lord Series, I have no idea where that particular story idea came from. I was writing something else and in walked Gavin who blackmailed this woman at a party. Lyla wasn’t supposed to stay with him. Gavin was supposed to be a major ass and she would leave him…. But after the kidnapping scene, I realized Lyla wouldn’t leave him so I changed the other story I was writing and ran with this one. Manny, Carmen, Blade… The characters were all there, just waiting for me to focus so they could talk. I wrote books 1 and 2 back to back. Originally, this was supposed to be a 2 book series, but a beta reader convinced me to stretch it into three and now… Now, there’s no end in sight!

Me: Well, I am glad you listened to your beta reader. More books is always better. Who is your fave character in your books or is it like asking a mom to identify her fave child? <Crossing fingers. Please say Gavin!>

Mia: I like different characters for different reasons. I adore Gavin because he doesn’t give a fuck what others think and I am fascinated (and slightly alarmed) by his version of love. I like Lyla because of her inner strength and courage. I love Carmen because she’s compassionate, loyal, and crazy. I could go on and on!

Me: What is your advice to new writers?

Mia: My advice for writers (new or old) is to write. We spend a lot of time trying to find our audience, but the best way for people to find you is to have as many stories as possible. Everyone won’t like everything you write so having variety is important. Write as much as you can, as often as possible. Your audience will find you!

Me: Thank you for your time. I can’t wait for your new book.


You can find more about Mia Knight on the following:

Facebook Group: Mia Knight’s Captives

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