Hot Recluse by Stella Stone

Hot Recluse
by Stella Stone
4 star read
I love Stella Stone. She is always dependable to deliver hot, smoking, panty melting, absolutely burning your kindle kind of books. I love the sex scenes on this book, I won’t lie. The scene at the dinner table is unreal in its sexiness. I also love the idea of a hot recluse. However, I think this book can be much much more.
I think the two main characters could have explored more why the other person is different from all the ones that came before them. Probably exploring the characters beyond the physical would have made this a five star. The meeting of the parents could have been expanded more.
I still love the book though. I will continue reading any book that Stella Stone releases… and then jump my husband afterwards. Jk.
Title: HOT Recluse
Series: HOT Alphas #1
Author: Stella Stone
Genre: Erotic Suspense Romance Novella
Release Date: April 5, 2018
I watch.
Unable to take my eyes off of her.
I wait.
Unable to resist the temptation of her body.
I want.
Unable to control my fantasies.
I take.


Stella Stone is a pen name for an established romance author who wants to write Simply. Sexy. Stories. 
She is a mother of two boys, and wife to a bearded hubby, residing in a rural Texas town. During the day she writes sexy stories while her children are at school. In the afternoon, she is chauffeur, Taekwondo observer, loud baseball, basketball and cheering swim mom. 
Please enjoy her Simply. Sexy. Stories and the Alpha men she enjoys creating.


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