Book Sale: 2 books from Author Lola Ainsley

766365FE-F60D-4702-9ED6-C041A69D84FBBoth books in THE PRICE WE PAY series on sale for only 99 cents!


Book 1 – The Price of Success – Available Now
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Amazon UK:


Detective Julian Franco is the youngest Detective in the San Diego Police Department. He has made several enemy’s during his time on the Police force and they are now coming back to haunt him. He is in a race against the clock to find his sister who has been kidnapped by a low level drug dealer that he arrested over five years ago, but will the growing attraction between him and FBI Senior Special Agent Aria Cruz make him run out of time, or will she be the answer to his prayers?
Book 2 – The Price of Wealth – Pre-Order, Releases May 22nd
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:


Be careful what you wish for.
FBI Agent Carmen Jimenez has had to risk her life on more than one case but when she gets assigned to a case that mixes her personal and professional life, will she be able to come out on the other side with both her career and heart intact?
From the moment Hutch first saw CJ he wanted her. He was determined to show her that he was worth taking a risk on, but when her job pins her against his father will he be willing to risk it all for her?
Things are not always what they seem.


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