5 Reasons To Go To The Dark Side

IMG_0265Hi, Everyone.

I recently started reading more and more dark romance books. For those of you who don’t know what dark romance books are, here’s my take on it. It is a sub genre of romance books that focuses on taboo, wrong, insane, crazy, or criminal behavior. This sounds really horrible so why do more and more readers gravitate towards the dark including myself?

I had to dive deep and figure out what fascinates me about these stories. Believe me, if my grandmother asked me what I am reading, I have no idea how to explain it. I would probably lie and say that I am reading some classics. But that is between you and me. So having to do a lot of self-analysis, here are the few reasons why I think people can’t stay away from the dark.

  1. It’s honest. While the genre revolves around some really horrifying behaviors, no truly great dark romance writers do things half way. They embrace the wrongness of it. They make their characters so believable that in turn they humanize them. There is an honesty about the story that strikes a chord with the readers.
  2. It’s a train wreck. Come on and be honest. If you are on the freeway, you are probably one of the drivers who slow down and see what happened. You have already been delayed due to traffic so you might as well look. It’s the same concept here. You cannot look away. You keep reading to see if he or she is really going to hurt the woman/the child/the puppy or any unfortunate soul, and no matter how many trigger warnings an author puts on the blurb that says this is detrimental to your mental health, nothing is really stopping you from flipping that page.
  3. It’s exciting. Nothing give you an adrenaline rush like a dark romance book. Like watching a horror movie, it gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing. It makes you feel alive like nothing else.
  4. We are a sucker for bad boys. IMG_0341The traditional hero who is kind, handsome, chivalrous, rich, talented and more is really not very realistic. Yeah, sure we say we want the nice guy, but we are probably going to be bored in two seconds flat when we meet him. People realize it and gravitate more towards an anti-hero who is more believable. Also, who doesn’t want a bad boy? Sure, he is crazy, domineering and criminally insane, but the one thing he is NOT guilty of is playing with your feelings. He wants you and will stalk you to prove it.
  5. The sex scenes are hot. A lot of times the dark romances have a side dish of erotica. What is the point of stalking, kidnapping or blackmail if all they are going to do is be doing is sit next to each other and play scrabble? The sex scenes in dark romances are scorching hot if the writer is good. A lot of stuff that would horrify you and/or your partner can be very good on paper.

I was planning to put in my 5 picks for dark romance in this post but could not decide on my choices. I think I need to think about it more. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Also, if you have never ever tried a dark romance book, please do so. You might find that you like the dark side. Until next time…


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  1. I’ve never thought of dark romances as a topic, but would love to see what you’d recommend? Would books like Gillian Flynn fit this dark romance? I’d love hear more about specific books… 👍🏻


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