The Power of A Well Written Synopsis

Hi All,

I want to start by saying that I am not a writer, nor do I want to be one. Have I written a synopsis before? Nope. I just love reading books and supporting writers. Anyway, my friend  asked me if I know this book “Tamara, Taken”, by Ginger Talbot. I have not. Don’t judge me! I have never heard of Ginger Talbot before. I do now! We are all dark romance fans so this is right up our alley. My friend started reaching out to other friends to ask about the book and she posted it on a few book groups. We checked it out and read the summary.

Oh my god! This synopsis is everything. I and a few others bought this book because the book summary hooked us.

Do we have a long list of TBRs and other books we could read? Yes.

Do we know anybody who can vouch for this book? No.

Did we read the reviews? No.

Did we care? Absolutely not!

We just one-clicked that baby and bought the book so fast that our credit cards had a whiplash. That is the power of a well-written synopsis! I have read some terrible ones before and I should maybe list them but they were forgettable. Because you know. Bad synopsis. ‘Til next time!




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