5 Erotica Cliches

Before I start, I just want to say that I do love erotica. This is in no way meant to diss that type of books at all. A world without sexy books is just a travesty. This is just poking a little fun at one of my favorite genres. Anyway, this idea started when I was talking to my friends (always a dangerous endeavor). We started talking about clichés and fave tropes. Below are five things we (yes, I am sharing the blame with my friends) think are very common in erotica.


131693264_10155499265567083_3034229330440880128_n. Spank Me, Daddy

Why is there always spanking?! I think erotica is almost synonymous to BDSM. There are more kinks out than just this. What about some voyeurism? Exhibitionism? Group sex? Orgasm control? Bondage? It does not always have to be spanking, flogging, whipping or any other stuff that makes my bum cringe in sympathy.



2. You know you want it.

I don’t know why this line is very prevalent in books. Can’t women know their minds and no be really mean no?


3. The Virgin Deepthroat

What is up with all the virgins who are experts at deepthroats? Why is there no learning curve? All the women are just born without gag reflexes?!


4. The Virgin O

This is one of the few that I fully support. Upon reading that rare book where the heroine did not get an orgasm when she lost her virginity, I asked the author why? I refuse to believe the hero is all that if he cannot give his woman an orgasm, virgin or not. The author said it won’t be believable. Come on! If we can’t have virgin orgasms in fiction, where else can it exist?!


5. Magic Dicks shutterstock_288581099.jpg

Magic dicks everywhere! All the hero has to do is say the woman’s name and she is gushing as if it’s her job to cure the California drought problem. All the men has alien size dicks and they mesmerize the women with it. Some of the sizes are beyond the realm of reality. 13 inches? Where would a guy hide that kind of package?! However, I would rather have this problem than the opposite. Nobody needed to read about small dicks. That would just make women cry.


These are only a few of the common themes we noticed. If you have any more you would like to share, feel free to share. Til next time…




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