Devil by Jordan Marie


Title: Devil

Series: Savage MCTennessee #1

Author: Jordan Marie

Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 5, 2018
3.5 stars
I love MC romance and it has been awhile since I read a Jordan Marie book. I liked her previous books so I was looking forward to the release of this one. I am a little conflicted to how to write this review because I feel like I am missing some of the nuances in the relationships between the side characters (with Diesel, Ryan, Fury, etc.).
i think the book started off well. Torrent seem to be a wolf in sheeps clothing, a biker girl hiding out as a nun. I love the scene on how she met Logan aka Devil. She came off as a headstrong woman who was always been able to do what she wanted because her daddy doted on her.
As the book progressed, because of some events, she became a shell of a woman. This is the part where I started struggling. I think it might have been a personal preference where I like when a character rises from a tragedy and comes out stronger. I like the power that comes with self awareness and reliance. I couldn’t deal with the trauma that the characters faced. The violence against the main characters is a little hard to swallow. It wasn’t balanced out with other elements super hot sex which made it stand out more. For an MC romance, this book is surprisingly a very slow burn. Also, I liked the idea of forbidden romance more when Torrent was hiding as a nun that when they were sneaking out on Wolf.
Overall, the book is still enjoyable. There is no doubt that Jordan Marie can weave a biker’s world like no other. I would urge people to get a copy of the book. Please see below for a blurb and more info.
He is my biggest temptation…
Logan is a
complication I didn’t count on.
I need to stay
away—too many lives depend on it.
One wrong move and
everything around me will crumble.
But his graveled
voice calls to me.
His wicked smile
takes my breath.
His whiskey colored
eyes intoxicates me.
His heated touch
seduces me.
And his hard body
promises hot nights beyond my dirtiest fantasies.
Saying yes, would be
But being wrong
feels so good. 
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“I um… Can you hold it out for me?” she asks, blushing a
bright red again.  Torrent is such a mixture of shyness and sarcasm that
she intrigues me every minute I’m with her—just wanting to see what she does
I stretch the towel out holding it in both of my arms. I
look at her over the top of it, leering with my face showing nothing but
 “Like this, Angel?” 
“I’m trusting you not to peek,” she warns. 
“Scouts honor,” I grin. 
“Turn your head.” 
She waits until I do it, and then stands. The sound of water
sloshing, makes my mind go wild. I know the visions I’m picturing could only
pale to the real thing… 
“You’re looking!” she gasps, pulling the towel around her
quickly. She did it before I barely got a glance, but what I did see was
fucking amazing. 
“Darlin’ I’m called Devil for a reason.”
Author Bio
USA Today Best Selling Author Jordan Marie, is just a simple
small town country girl who is haunted by Alpha Men who talk in her head 24
hours a day. 
She likes to create a book that takes you on an emotional journey whether
tears, laughter (or both) or just steamy hot fun (or all 3). She loves to
connect with readers and interacting with them through social media, signings
or even old fashioned email.
Join her newsletter to stay up to date as well as take part in giveaways and
just let her know how you feel about her books!
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