Jordan Marie

Hiya! Today at Author Stalker we have the Queen of Biker Romance, Jordan Marie. We are so lucky to have her here. Please check out her new book, Devil.


Me: As Jordan Marie, you have released mostly MC/biker books and contemporary romance. What gravitated you towards this genre?

JM: I just love the dynamic. men, with ties deeper than blood, and the protectiveness they have with each other. They live life on the edge and make their own rules. It’s fun to write.

Me: Baylee Rose is one of your pen names. What made you decide to write under a different name? Do you have any other pen names?

JM: Someone told me once that the only reason my books sold well was because I wrote a genre which had a built in fan base and I wanted to test the theory… it was about proving something to myself. I have a bad tendency to take words to heart. As for other other pen names, I do have one. But I haven’t told my reading group or anyone. I’m not ready to. It’s an fun name… easy one and I mostly just publish things on it that come to my mind that Jordan fans might not accept.

Me: There has been a lack of diversity in the romance genre where characters are predominantly white. Your book’s, Taking It Slow, main character is a “Godiva dark chocolate man”. Why do you think very few authors are writing characters of color?

JM: It’s sad… but the truth is those books historically are not as marketable. I was so proud of Slow. I still am, but of all my books it’s sold the least.

I have a family member whose child is 1/2 African American. The way some people treat that precious little girl, hurts me. At the same time once I fell in love with a man who was African American and his family didn’t like me because of my skin color and sadly mine didn’t really accept him because of his. The situation marked me to a certain extent. Which made it a passion of mine to portray all men in positive light as heroes. I don’t want a world where people look at the color of someone’s skin and make snap decisions. So when writing I want to create a world where that doesn’t factor into my couples lives. Their love story is just that—a love story. I want a world where men are Men and a woman can depend on them and that’s what sticks in a readers mind. It may never happen, but to not write about men of color or different ethnicity wouldn’t feel real to me. So I’ll always do it. I’ve written 4 books to date that have been interracial and I’ll continue to do so.

Me: You have very strong, multi-faceted characters in your books. How do you come up with such characters? What is your inspiration?

JM: Oh wow, thank you so much. I think that’s one of the best compliments a writer can get. As for inspiration… it sounds strange but characters just come alive and talk in my brain. 99 per cent of the time it’s the male… this morning it was a female character. I live for those moments. Their stories never go like I want and sometimes it makes me want to scream, but always I get that moment where something snaps into place and I giggle. It’s the best part about being a writer.

Me: In your new book, Devil, the main female character’s name is Torrent. I love that name. How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose names based on liking how they sound or the meaning? Do you have any name choosing sources you recommend?

JM: 99 percent of the time… I choose readers names. Readers that I meet at signing or post on my page and the name is just so pretty and it sticks in my brain.

Torrent… well that name is special to me. To show my geeky side I once ran a storytelling online gaming group of over 3000 members. It was based on White Wolf… and one of my Vampire characters I created was Torrent. She was trapped in a life she didn’t want and struggled to become her own person and when she did, she did it with her whole heart. Kind of like a torrential rain heh. When Devil began talking in my head about his book… that’s exactly what his woman reminded me of… so i decided to give her that name.

Me: Do your characters pressure you to go a certain way? Do you see an end result when you start writing a book?

JM: Always! I can never make my characters do what I want. Dani was supposed to die in Dragon. Dragon was supposed to die in Loving Nicole! (my readers may kill me for that one) and even in my comedy books..> Aden was supposed to be an asshole sure, but he took it overboard man.

Me: Have you had an inspiration strike you at the oddest places or most inopportune times? In the shower? During sex (sorry)? If you did, did you start writing it down immediately? Please tell us for which book.

JM: I have come up with an idea for a book in the shower (The Perfect Stroke) and I had to take a break to write it down. Never during sex (Thank God, cause then me or my hubby one just aren’t doing something right). Most of the time my characters wake me up in the middle of the night and I have to get up out of bed and write it down. That doesn’t make hubby the happiest in the world–especially since he has to get up at 4:30 every morning for work. LOL!

Me: What is the craziest fan moment that happened to you?

JM: I don’t think I have fans… I have friends and readers… But it feels weird to say I have fans? My girls always blow me away. I suffer from panic attacks, but I fight through those to go to signings… and the fact that so many come up to me and have read my books still completely blows me away. I wish I could spend time with all of them one and one, and for much longer than the signing allows.

Me: You have written some pretty tragic experiences for your characters. In all your books, what was the hardest scene to write? If given the opportunity to do it all over again, would you change anything in your books?

JM: The hardest scene to write… That was probably Dancer’s attempt of suicide and his time after that, in Saving Dancer. I’ve been that low… and I got help, but I remember sitting on top of a mountain over looking the lake and damn and wondering if I had it in me to keep going. That’s what depression does to someone. You get that small voice that tells you it could all end with one little push on the gas pedal. As a sexual abuse survivor, I felt it important to show all of Dancer’s lows. I’m not sure I succeeded but I really and truly tried.

Me: If you can co-write a book with another author, one dead and one alive, who would it be and why?

JM: Oh gosh… umm probably Julie Garwood. Her historical romances make me so happy. If not her then probably Diana Palmer, I love her cowboys. Now mind you I never could because I’m not fit to clean the keys of their keyboard. LOL!

Me: What are your two favorite book covers of all time?

JM: Of my books? Or just in general? Of mine. I can’t show you!!! Because I have them hidden until I get to write their stories. But be on the look out for When You Were Mine…. Actually the whole Dirty Rough Love series is just BEAUTIFUL!

Me: If you can make one of your books into a movie, which book would you choose? Who would you cast as the main characters?

JM: Ohhhh… Probably the trilogy Captured, Burned and Released. Those books mean so much to me. Casting wise… I’m horrible because I don’t really have celebrity crushes! Skull was never meant to be a pretty guy.. He had miles on him so maybe Javier Bardem. 😉 Torch… he doesn’t fit but can we make him Jason Mamoa? 🙂 Just cause.

Me: Of course, Jason Mamoa should be in every biker movie! What is your least favorite part of publishing/writing process?

JM: Marketing… I’d rather just put a book out there and get to writing another one. Today’s market makes that impossible.

Me: If you can only pick one physical trait for your characters what would it be – beard, tattoos, long hair? Why?

JM: I usually just find a photo and get a cover made and it inspires me from that angle and I write the book around the cover. 🙂

Me: What do you want your tombstone to say?

JM: I’ve never thought about it. It’d be nice if in the end… I mattered to those I loved. That’s all you can hope for I guess.

Me: Can you tell us about any new books/projects you are working on?

JM: I’m writing Cocked & Loaded 🙂 Black Lucas’s story next. And then Diesel’s story. My next big book after that will be titled: A Long Road Home… and I’m really excited to see what my readers think of Jake Ryan… I’m not sure what to think of him myself yet.

Me: Any last thoughts for readers?

JM: As authors we live for your words of approval or encouragement. You matter. Your words matter. Everything you do matters.

Be kind, be gentle and know that for every bad author you encounter out there. and sadly there are a few, there are 50 more of us waiting for you to give us a try, to love us, to take us into your hearts. It’s hokey, but in a FB world that’s surrounded with drama, a publishing atmosphere that is squeezing out the little guy and a host of other problems, the Indie world needs your support. The Indie Writer needs you to help them keep going, to give them a reason to keep trying.


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