J. B. Baker

Today at Feels Like The First Time we have new author J.B. Baker. JB: Hello. Am I in the right place? The sign on the door says you guys love new writers. Me: Yes, please come in. I have a few questions we ask new writers. Would you mind answering some of them? JB: Sure.... Continue Reading →

Kennedy Ryan

Hello! Today at Author Stalker, we have the Amazing Kennedy Ryan. Yes, I call her that. Not just Kennedy Ryan or Miz Ryan, but the Amazing Kennedy Ryan. She is amaze-balls! I had said it before and I will say it again and again. If I put all my favorite authors side by side, the... Continue Reading →

Sam Crescent

Hi All! Today at Author Stalker, we have the awesome Sam Crescent. She is your go to person if you are looking for a hot steamy romance read. Me: Hi, Sam! Sam: Hi! Me: Why is it hot in here? Are you writing another book? Sam: <just smiles at me> Me: Do you mind if... Continue Reading →


Today at Author Stalker, we have the amazing Bethany-Kris. Her mafia books reminds me of the Godfather or Sopranos. They just scream mafia. I love it!!! Me: Hi, Bethany! Bethany: Hi, Hon! Me: Um, why are we at a church? Bethany: I have heard that there are stalkers lurking around and felt that this would... Continue Reading →

Sam Mariano

Today at Author Stalker, we have the queen of plot twists, Sam Mariano. I seriously don't know how what to expect when opening one of her books other that it would be an awesome emotional roller coaster ride. Did I mention awesome? Me: Hi, Sam! Sam: Hi, Stalker! Me: I don't know if I have... Continue Reading →

MV Ellis

For our featured new author today at Feels Like The First Time, we have the lovely MV Ellis. I love her book. It starts with a bang a hooks you right in. Me: Hi MV! Welcome to Feels Like The First Time! We just love new authors like you. <looks at MV and wonders if... Continue Reading →

Liz Meldon

Today at Author Stalker, we have the talented Liz Meldon. She is one of the most versatile writers I know. She does both paranormal and contemporary romance. I love her work so much. Me: Hi, Liz! Awesome photos on your Instagram! Liz: Thank you. Wanna be part of my VIP team? Me: A stalking invitation?... Continue Reading →

Chloe Walsh

Hi, everyone! Today at Author Stalker we have the awesome Chloe Walsh. If you have read any of her books, you would understand why I love her so so much. The creator of Hunter "Lucky" Casarazzi deserves the most awesome accolades. Seriously. Me: Hi, Chloe! Chloe: Heya! How's it going? Me: <maybe she doesn't know... Continue Reading →

Emma York

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Author Stalker! I try to interview some of my fave authors and get to know them a little better. Today, we have Emma York! Me: <creeping in> Hi, Emma! Emma: Oh, a reader! I love readers. Me: <confused> um, you love stalkers... i mean, readers? Emma: Yes, I do! You... Continue Reading →

Marie J

For our first newbie author interview, we have Marie J. Please come and help me support new first time authors and their first foray into publishing. Me: Hi Marie! Welcome to Feels Like The First Time! Marie: Hello! Me: So, if you don't already know, this is all about featuring first time authors who are... Continue Reading →

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