Mystic Box

        ~ Box Information ~   Mystic Box is a subscription box filled with DARK, MAFIA, TABOO OR EROTICA ROMANCE BOOKS and fun bookish goodies (e.g. jewelry, bookmarks, stickers, keychains and more.). Cancel anytime.    The books that come with each box are intended for MATURE AUDIENCES. It contains sexually explicit scenes,... Continue Reading →

Ruthless by Dani Rene

Title: Ruthless Series: Sins of Seven Author: Dani René Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: May 28, 2018 3.5 Stars This is the first book of Dani Rene that I read and it is quite an introduction. She writes really good BDSM scenes. She knows her genre (the toys, the kinks, the scenes, etc.) and it shows... Continue Reading →

5 Erotica Cliches

Before I start, I just want to say that I do love erotica. This is in no way meant to diss that type of books at all. A world without sexy books is just a travesty. This is just poking a little fun at one of my favorite genres. Anyway, this idea started when I... Continue Reading →

Pearson by K Webster

Pearson by K Webster   5 Stars   I want to start by saying I have read K Webster’s taboo books and loved them. They are very well written and totally crazy. This book is no different. Eric Pearson is a little difficult to like, honestly. He is overbearing, arrogant and not the best dad.... Continue Reading →

Hot Recluse by Stella Stone

Hot Recluse by Stella Stone 4 star read I love Stella Stone. She is always dependable to deliver hot, smoking, panty melting, absolutely burning your kindle kind of books. I love the sex scenes on this book, I won't lie. The scene at the dinner table is unreal in its sexiness. I also love the... Continue Reading →

Escort by Skye Warren

  Escort By Skye Warren 5 Stars   I got an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Based on the genre this book was listed on Amazon, the title and the blurb, I was expecting an erotica. A book filled with a lot of hot steamy sex scenes. This book... Continue Reading →

Emma York

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to Author Stalker! I try to interview some of my fave authors and get to know them a little better. Today, we have Emma York! Me: <creeping in> Hi, Emma! Emma: Oh, a reader! I love readers. Me: <confused> um, you love stalkers... i mean, readers? Emma: Yes, I do! You... Continue Reading →

Breaking Grace by Rose Devereux

Breaking Grace by Rose Devereux 3.5 stars   This is my first Rose Devereux book. I am really tempted to give it a higher rating. There are a lot of positives in this book. Rose Devereux can write some steamy scenes! Whew! Her plot is good. One of the biggest pitfalls of erotic romance is... Continue Reading →

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