Still by Kennedy Ryan

Still by Kennedy Ryan 5 stars   I heart Kennedy Ryan. I marathon read this series because I was so hooked on it. This book shows us the different trials a couple faces during the course of a relationship. The story does not end at I love you. This book embodies the words "Love is... Continue Reading →

Grip by Kennedy Ryan

Grip by Kennedy Ryan 5 stars   I love this book. I have to say that I gravitate towards authors that are fearless. For an author, putting your work out there to be judged by readers of different backgrounds and values is already a huge act of bravery. Some are so fearful of limiting readership... Continue Reading →

Flow by Kennedy Ryan

Flow by Kennedy Ryan 5 stars   This book has been a recommendation from a friend. Oh. My. God. I am hooked. IT IS SO GOOD. I can't even begin to express how hooked I am. I love Bristol and Grip. Their connection is so undeniable that you do not have a choice but to... Continue Reading →

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