Sam Mariano

Today at Author Stalker, we have the queen of plot twists, Sam Mariano. I seriously don't know how what to expect when opening one of her books other that it would be an awesome emotional roller coaster ride. Did I mention awesome? Me: Hi, Sam! Sam: Hi, Stalker! Me: I don't know if I have... Continue Reading →

Hayley Faiman

Our first interview is with the lovely Hayley Faiman. I have been a fan of hers ever since I picked up the first book of her Notorious Devils series, Rough and Rowdy. I reached out to her because she has always been sweet and nice to her readers. Me: <waving like a lunatic> Hayley! Hayley!... Continue Reading →

Author Stalker

  I haven't posted in a while. Holidays happened and I dropped off the radar. I cannot believe we are already in February! Where did January go? Since we now in February which I consider the month of romance and Valentine's Day is a couple short weeks away, I want to feature some romance authors.... Continue Reading →

Unforgiven by Elizabeth Finn

Unforgiven by Elizabeth Finn 4.5 stars   Elizabeth Finn is one of those writers that you thank your lucky stars that you found them. I love her writing so much that I went through a marathon read of her books. It's all heart wrenching for me. I am surprised her books do not have more... Continue Reading →

Irreparable Damage by Sam Mariano

Irreparable Damage by Sam Mariano 5 stars   SKILL. That is what differentiates authors who can write a book with triggers and those who cannot. I have mentioned this before. A lot of writers shy away from triggers for fear of limiting readership. Sam Mariano does not have this problem because the woman has skills!... Continue Reading →

Still by Kennedy Ryan

Still by Kennedy Ryan 5 stars   I heart Kennedy Ryan. I marathon read this series because I was so hooked on it. This book shows us the different trials a couple faces during the course of a relationship. The story does not end at I love you. This book embodies the words "Love is... Continue Reading →

Unintended by Georgia Cates

Unintended by Georgia Cates 3.5 stars I am new to Georgia Cates and Unintended is the first book of hers that I read. I am pleasantly surprised that it is filled with hot Irish men. I think there is not enough books out there of Irish heroes and romances. This book surprisingly reads like a... Continue Reading →

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