Four Doors Down by Emma Doherty

Four Doors Down by Emma Doherty 5 stars   This book is Emma Doherty's first ever published and so far she only has two out. Four Doors Down is the embodiment of everything good in a YA romance. It's funny, cute and sweet. You can't help but go "Awww!!!". It makes you want to go... Continue Reading →

Unforgiven by Elizabeth Finn

Unforgiven by Elizabeth Finn 4.5 stars   Elizabeth Finn is one of those writers that you thank your lucky stars that you found them. I love her writing so much that I went through a marathon read of her books. It's all heart wrenching for me. I am surprised her books do not have more... Continue Reading →

Irreparable Damage by Sam Mariano

Irreparable Damage by Sam Mariano 5 stars   SKILL. That is what differentiates authors who can write a book with triggers and those who cannot. I have mentioned this before. A lot of writers shy away from triggers for fear of limiting readership. Sam Mariano does not have this problem because the woman has skills!... Continue Reading →

Crazy B!tch by Jamie Begley

  Crazy B!tch by Jamie Begley 3.5 stars   I have always loved Jamie Begley's characters. They are always quirky and unique. They are just awesome that could only come from a truly imaginative mind. Anna-Kate, also known as Crazy Bitch, is no different. Her prickly exterior hides a soft, vulnerable heart. Calder is the... Continue Reading →

On A Tuesday by Whitney G

  On A Tuesday by Whitney G. 4 stars   I love Whitney G ever since I read Sincerely, Carter. She is my go-to author for hot, gorgeous and arrogant heroes. This book is no different. This book is so so sweet. I love second chance romances. I love that all the significant events in... Continue Reading →

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