Hayley Faiman

Our first interview is with the lovely Hayley Faiman. I have been a fan of hers ever since I picked up the first book of her Notorious Devils series, Rough and Rowdy. I reached out to her because she has always been sweet and nice to her readers. Me: <waving like a lunatic> Hayley! Hayley!... Continue Reading →

Crazy B!tch by Jamie Begley

  Crazy B!tch by Jamie Begley 3.5 stars   I have always loved Jamie Begley's characters. They are always quirky and unique. They are just awesome that could only come from a truly imaginative mind. Anna-Kate, also known as Crazy Bitch, is no different. Her prickly exterior hides a soft, vulnerable heart. Calder is the... Continue Reading →

Out of Ashes by Anne Malcolm

  Out of Ashes by Anne Malcom 4.5 Stars   I found Anne Malcom because a friend recommended her books. I have a confession to make... I skipped the first two books of The Sons of Templar series and went straight to Out of Ashes. <ducks and peeks out to check if the coast is... Continue Reading →

Rough and Rich by Hayley Faiman

  Rough and Rich by Hayley Faiman 4 stars   "We were both so young." If you have read the previous Notorious Devils books by Hayley Faiman, you would have been introduced to Soar and Genny. Book 5, Rough and Ready, ended with Soar going to prison and Genny going back to her rich family.... Continue Reading →

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