Commander In Briefs by Kristy Marie

Commander In Briefs by Kristy Marie I loved the way this book opened. It's starts on a funny note about 2 best friends, Theo and Anniston who have been attached at the hip since middle school.  Theo is going away the next morning to start his professional baseball career and Anniston is going back to... Continue Reading →

J. B. Baker

Today at Feels Like The First Time we have new author J.B. Baker. JB: Hello. Am I in the right place? The sign on the door says you guys love new writers. Me: Yes, please come in. I have a few questions we ask new writers. Would you mind answering some of them? JB: Sure.... Continue Reading →

MV Ellis

For our featured new author today at Feels Like The First Time, we have the lovely MV Ellis. I love her book. It starts with a bang a hooks you right in. Me: Hi MV! Welcome to Feels Like The First Time! We just love new authors like you. <looks at MV and wonders if... Continue Reading →

Marie J

For our first newbie author interview, we have Marie J. Please come and help me support new first time authors and their first foray into publishing. Me: Hi Marie! Welcome to Feels Like The First Time! Marie: Hello! Me: So, if you don't already know, this is all about featuring first time authors who are... Continue Reading →

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